Overview Of How We Can Assist

For the uninitiated, dealing with the Department of Human Services (formerly known as Centrelink) can be a daunting and frustrating exercise. In addition, you may be unsure of what you are entitled to receive. At Horizon, we take away the hassle of dealing with the Department of Human Services. We advise you of your entitlements, assist with the application process and, through acting as your nominee, thereafter update the Department of Human Services of your changing circumstances as and when required ensuring your contact is minimal.

In particular, Horizon specialises in age pension applications, disability support pension applications, applications for various allowances, the Commonwealth seniors health care card and low income health care card

This service is generally complementary for existing portfolio clients of Horizon.

The following links provide further information on the benefits you may be entitled to;

Age Pension


Disability Support Pension


Newstart Allowance


Carer Allowance


Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card


Low Income Health Care Card