Obtaining FINANCIAL ADVICE from horizon investment solutions

For many investors, the need for professional wealth management advice is often driven by having neither the time nor expertise. As a full service advisory firm, Horizon Investment Solutions (Horizon) offers clients a broad range of financial services to provide value adding solutions to enable your personal, financial and investment goals to be achieved. Our range of services and solutions include:

  • Wealth accumulation and tax minimisation strategies;
  • Direct equities, derivatives and managed investment advice;
  • Cash and fixed interest solutions;
  • Self-managed superannuation and other superannuation products;
  • Estate planning and personal insurance;
  • Margin lending;
  • SMSF and portfolio administration;
  • Assistance with social security;

Horizon approaches assisting you in creating wealth and pursuing your financial goals and objectives as a long term relationship

Before becoming a full service client of Horizon, we take the time to understand your financial goals and requirements and identify how to best work with you to achieve your investment and financial objectives. This is generally over a series of meetings as detailed below.

Initial Meeting


Our initial meeting is obligation free and enables you to learn more about Horizon and likewise,for us to learn more about


you and the services you require. To assist, a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Advisor Profile will be provided. During this meeting a Fact Find is normally completed to detail our understanding of your circumstances and you may also be asked to complete a risk profile questionnaire. In the event Horizon can assist, a ‘Letter of Engagement’ to prepare a written advice document, otherwise known as a Statement of Advice (SOA), is then provided. Your Letter of Engagement will detail the areas of advice that will be covered in your SOA as well as any fees and charges that will be incurred in preparing your SOA. With this information, you will then be in an informed position to determine whether to move forward by having your SOA prepared for you.


meeting 2


The focus of this meeting is to present your SOA to you. Typically, a SOA will confirm your circumstances, financial


planning recommendations and associated advantages and disadvantages, an overview of where funds are recommended to be invested, the costs involved in adopting our recommendations and the steps required to progress. If you consent to adopting our recommendations, returing a signed ‘Authority to Proceed’ form will put in train the progressing of your recommendations.


meeting 3


This meeting covers off the signing of required documentation to implement agreed recommendations.

meeting 4


Upon establishment of appropriate accounts, where investement recommendations are involved,


a fourth meeting is normally held to detail specific investement recommendations. Upon obtaining your consent to implement recommendations provided, investements will start to be acquired on your behalf. This meeting also provides the opportunity to show you how to view your investment portfolio online. From this meeting mutual agreement will be obtained as to when to meet next. In the interim,ongoing telephone and email contact will occur as and when required and you will commence receiving regular monthly communications and portfolio updates.