The purpose of personal insurance is to ease the financial burden that can impact you and your family in the event of an unforeseen event such as illness, disability or death. Personal protection is available in the following areas:

Term Life

Term Life provides a lump sum benefit payable upon the death of the insured. Some policies will also pay the benefit on diagnosis of terminal illness. For individuals, term life payments can be used to pay back debts and provide a lump sum that can generate an income stream to enable your family’s financial plans to remain on track into the future. For business owners, a term life policy over key stakeholders can provide a source of funds for business succession.

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

This benefit is paid as a lump sum if the insured becomes totally and permanently disabled. Depending on the nature of your TPD policy, you must be disabled to such an extent that you are unlikely to ever engage in either your own occupation or any occupation into the future.

TPD payments are generally made 6 months after the event that generates the TPD claim. TPD payments are to help facilitate a replacement income stream as well as meet additional expenditure that may be associated with an event that may trigger a TPD claim such as house and car modifications, medical costs and increased ongoing care costs.


A trauma payment is a lump sum payment should you suffer any of the covered conditions within a Trauma policy. Such conditions generally include heart attack, stroke and cancer as well as a number of other specific pre-determined conditions. The lump sum received in a trauma claim will help meet associated medical costs and can also be used to assist debt reduction and to cover costs related to making necessary lifestyle adjustments stemming from the Trauma event.

Income Protection

This form of insurance provides you with a monthly income should you be unable to work due to sickness or injury. The benefit paid can be used for any purpose and thus can be used for living expenses, home loan repayments, regular investment and other costs. This enables you and your family’s lifestyle to be maintained during the disablement period. Income protection insurance provides a regular income up to a pre-determined benefit period of several years or up to a specified age. The benefit paid is usually 75% of your of pre-disability income unless an agreed value is determined.


The following are some of the questions you should answer when deciding how much insurance you need;

How much do you require to pay off your current mortgage?

How much do you require to pay off any other loans such as motor vehicle loans, student loans or credit card debt?

What level of accrued sick leave and annual leave do you presently have with your employer?

How much do you have in liquid funds or assets at can see you through a period of receiving no income?

How much income does your family need to provide for living expenses and does your family need to allow for special circumstances such as a child with needs?

What level of accrued savings or investments do you hold that can provide an income stream into the future?

How much would you like to put away to pay for your children’s education and parents retirement?

How much would your family require to fund living expenses in retirement?


Horizon Investment Solutions is not tied to any one insurance provider and we can obtain quotes across all major insurance providers in Australia.

In addition we can potentially structure your insurance so as to have minimal impact on your annual cash flow.

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