Integrated Portfolio Solutions (“IPS”) is Horizon Investment Solutions platform of choice that facilitates the smooth administration, ongoing management and reporting of your investments.

Through the use of a limited Power of Attorney, IPS can action any matters relating to your investment portfolio in a timely manner.

The benefits of having your portfolio on the IPS administration platform are numerous and include the following;

  • Comprehensive administration and mailbox service for your entire investment portfolio;
  • Advice on all related investment matters;
  • Comprehensive online portfolio reporting including detailed performance reports;
  • Monitoring of all investments and implementation of necessary action where appropriate;
  • Provision of monthly and quarterly reports on the progress of your investments;
  • Provision of annual reports for the preparation of your taxation return; and
  • If required, the provision of a regular income stream to meet regular payments.

Importantly, the administration and reporting of your portfolio is done in an extremely cost effective manner with the IPS charge generally 0.3% plus GST for the first 250,000, 0.15% plus GST for the next 250,000 and 0.1% plus GST thereafter on the value of the portfolio.